Decisions, Trouble & Cuddles

My last blog I talked about a quilt I made for charity. It went so well, I already picked out a pattern for next years raffle. It’s called The Butterfly Quilt by Tula Pink. For this years quilt, I tried to pick something on the relatively easy/simple side since I wasn’t sure how well the raffle would do. Because it ended up with fabulous results, I have decided to challenge myself with this quilt. And trust me, looking at it last night, I will need to take my time with this one!

Since the raffle and walk we do is in honor of our daughter, Brianna, I have chosen another butterfly for next years quilt. The quilt shown on the pattern package is mostly in pinks, not Brianna’s favorite color. I will be changing that to blues and some purples. There are blocks in this quilt that I have never made before. Floating crosses, log cabins, flying geese, wheel blocks and many more. The truly difficult part of this pattern, is deciding which colors to put with each block. I started to work on this last night and will hopefully finish that today. Of course, I will add blogs with my progress on this quilt. It should take me awhile. Lucky for me I have plenty of time!

Now how does a girl get in trouble? This girl goes to the fabric store and buys material for a new quilt. I took my husband and son with me to help me decide and finalize the colors. I kept warning the them that it was going to be an expensive trip, I don’t think they really believed me. While I did manage to steer (mostly) away from the batik section, I still ended up spending a couple hundred dollars. I know it will be totally worth it in the end.

Just for giggles, this blog took me forever to write…my quilting buddy decided it was cuddle time!

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