Keeping Busy

My oh my how the weekend flies when you are keeping busy. I have three day weekends every week, but they sure flash before my eyes. My days stay full with laundry, litter boxes, dishes, other housework, errands and of course sewing.

Once my normal duties were completed on Friday, the rest of the day was spent cutting fabric for several blocks. I managed to get two of them sewn as well. Saturday was mostly spent running errands, however I squeezed in picking complimenting fabric and cutting for the final eight blocks..yes I said it…FINAL eight blocks. I’ve been on a roll! Pretty much every weekend I try to cut and piece a few blocks.  And today, I finished sewing the last eleven blocks that I needed to start putting the quilt top together. This butterfly quilt that I said was “much more complicated” is apparently not as complex as I initially thought, cause this girl is on fire! This is the quilt I will be raffling for Team Brianna’s-AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Out of the Darkness fundraising efforts next year.

I should mention that this weekend just so happens to be my first experience sewing curved edges. I was slightly intimidated, but just went for it. I found that once I pinned the center, then the ends and finally in between it wasn’t as daunting as it appeared. The most dangerous part was escaping without any pin pricks on my fingertips! No blood shed here!

It looks like I have “over” purchased fabric for this project. Darn…I am so not disappointed about this. I have a strong feeling I’m going to love how this particular quilt turns out. The pattern is just gorgeous.  I will definitely be making another one for myself. What better thing to do with extra material, right? Plus, with a second version with the same material, I can create different color combinations. If there is anything remaining after I make a second quilt top, I’ll save it for scraps for an other project!

My husband says that we won’t ever need to paint again. He thinks we will just start hanging my quilts on all the walls as decoration. Who needs new paint or wallpaper. Laugh if you want, but it may just end up being a house full of “usable” quilt art!

Unfortunately for me, it’s back to the work week tomorrow. And Monday’s are typically crazy busy. You never know what emergency will be coming through our doors. I’ll be looking forward to Thursday afternoon, the day I will be getting my quilt wall out to start piecing this butterfly quilt top together! Of course in a perfect world, I could just cut and sew everyday, but the way it is, is purrfect for me!

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