Getting Back Into the Groove!

Couldn’t be happier that I have my sewing machine back. She’s certainly running like a fine tuned machine now. I will be doing some research on a larger home machine in my near future, but until then, I am enjoying getting back into the groove!

Today, I decided to start my BOM (block of the month). It’s called Mystical Prism by Wing and a Prayer Design. I purchased it through Stitchin’ Heaven. The first block is called the Glow Block. When I opened my package, I realized why I fell in love with this particular quilt pattern. It’s full of Batik’s! Yay me!

I carefully read the directions before I started cutting. They only send you enough to make the designated block each month. So I wanted to be extra cautious. I certainly don’t want make any mistakes and end up not having enough fabric to complete my two blocks for this past month. It’s technically labeled as Septembers block, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to work on it before my machine needed service.

I will admit that I took over 30 minutes to figure out the “flying geese method”. I went through the directions a few times before I realized it was on the very first page. Albeit I felt brainless when I realized my oversight, I didn’t mind since I didn’t want to make any hasty decisions and run out of fabric.

I took my time measuring, cutting and squaring up pieces as they needed. And I am extremely happy with how the first few blocks turned out. I honestly can’t wait until this months supplies arrive! I’m pretty sure they ship out at the end of the month. Lucky for me I have another project (the butterfly quilt) I am working on in tandem and will have that to keep me occupied while I wait.


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