Projects Galore

I decided to start another project, along with my other 2 current projects. Obviously, because 2 in tandem isn’t enough! But I have to get started because it’s a memory quilt for my son, Logan. You see, he just received his acceptance letter to University of Maryland, College Park and will be living near campus because we live to far to commute daily. The goal is to have it complete by spring, when he leaves.

My objective is to make a “masculine” quilt for him to have that is made from his sister’s clothes. I have decided that a denim quilt made (hopefully, if there are enough) completely out of Briannas’ jeans.

I designed a simple block that will create the entire quilt top and will rotate it so that it has a “weaved” look to it. His will be a queen size, so he can use it for years to come. I started deconstructing/cutting up her jeans yesterday. So far there are about 20 pairs cut up. I think I only have 3 more pairs left to cut. Sounds like it will be enough, but Brianna was a very petite young lady…short and trim. So the jeans aren’t very big to begin with. Plus, in total, I will need 315 rectangles! I figure if I don’t have enough, I can mix in some of his old jeans and maybe ours if need be.

I have decided to save the thick inseam and leg cuffs for a project I see in my future. Maybe rag rugs or for mats for hot pots, a trivet of sorts. I am also planning on up-cycling the back pockets. They look like they will be purrfect to create small purses. I’ll fold them in half so there is a pocket in each side, attach a strap….maybe even a lining and “poof”, a small purse. I know Brianna would love this! Some of my girlfriends and nieces may be getting a cute purse in their near future!

**I just struck gold! I remembered we had a bag of Briannas old clothes that she no longer wore, waiting to be donated from 3 years ago, in her closet. I found 10 more pairs of jeans! Hopefully, this will stretch enough to do the entire quilt top! Keep your fingers and toes crossed!**

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